Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Roots and Wings

Hello Families,

As I watch the new children put down roots at Creative Minds I am reminded at how the roots of the children who have been here for many months  have changed the Creative Minds landscape for the better.  I am also reminded how quickly their wings show and many of them will leave us this summer. This was timely reflection for me as I dug deep into the planter box today to prepare it for the new plants we are growing together.  We hope we'll be able to inspire the children to do some science experiments related to plants and the leaf and worm searches this week have started the exploration nicely.  We will hang the mint roots from the ceiling so I hope you'll take some time to come in and admire it all.  Check out the new plants too as you come to pick up your children tonight and thank them for the care they took to water them so well.


  1. What a lovely post, Kate. We are so thankful that Creative Minds has nurtured Simone in such a special way. Stephanie